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Contact List Management

Monitor your list’s status in our list management section, which includes the un-subscribed, bounce and total contacts. Create your custom field for the contacts on top of our contact field. Fit your requirement for any data structure.
Successful email marketing results often depend on the quality of the contact list. With our simple email list management interface, you can manage your contacts fast and focus on creating messages and connecting with your subscribers. Let us do the heavy lifting like de-duplicating your list and purging unsubscribes and bounces from the lists, so you can allot your time to setup as many as subscriber lists as you want with completely independent addresses. It helps you sending offers to your target groups easily. You can also include any number of optional fields to store additional information about contacts as the data structure can be completely personalized for mail merge or to create sending filters by segment the list, such as by location and gender .

File Import

Support bulk contact import from file, CSV, Excel and Excel 2007 format.
Importing contact lists shouldn’t be a pain, our system makes it easy for you to upload new contacts and related information from CSV (Comma Separated Value), Excel (xls) or Excel 2007 (xlsx) files with just a click. All of your standard and custom fields can be mapped during upload via the web.
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