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Campaign Report and Statistics

Report and statistics for each campaign, click, open, bounce, un-subscribed and spam complaint (if any) from major email provider.
Email marketing should be simple, trackable and well-organized. Analytics offers you the best way to track and to boost your email campaigns. Our advanced system monitors the activity of recipients with each email campaigns and records them into your account for your effectiveness control. Every time you send a campaign, all email open rates, clicks, bounces, unsubscribes and more are tracked for analysis. Real-time statistics for email campaigns are available with simple graphic charts so that you can easily read the data and use it to build stronger relationships with your subscribers and tailor future campaigns for maximum profitability.

Campaign Report Sharing

Share your campaign report with your clients, colleagues or business partners by a protected HTTP link without disclosing your login password. You can also mask the email address of the report for data protection.
Report sharing is also supported. You can share individual reports by sending the share URL to your clients, colleagues or business partners all over the world. You have option to mask the email address in the situation that you just want to share the campaign performance information instead of the whole email list. Everything is delivered in real time.
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