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Email Marketing Features & Benefits

Create an Email

Creating an email newsletter just got easier with our one-click editing tool!

  • Use the step-by-step Email Wizard to create your email newsletter.
  • Add your colors and logos to one of our 100+ email newsletter templates.
  • Easy editing tools make it a snap to customize your email newsletters, add formatting with one click, resize pictures, and more!
  • Bring your promotions to life with pictures — store 100MB for FREE.
  • Link to your social media pages — blog, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Yelp, Flickr and LinkedIn — in your emails
  • Use Simple Share to post to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn — build buzz about your emails in a few easy steps.
  • Schedule welcome emails or commonly sent messages with an Email Autoresponder.

Want to learn more?

Try our email marketing tutorials:

Grow Your Email List

Simple ways to grow and manage your email list

  • Grow your email list with Forward-to-a-Friend and Join My Mailing List tools
  • Import your email list, trouble-free, from your CSV or Excel files
  • Import or export email lists as Excels files
  • Use our registration form to capture additional contact information
  • Manage bounce and unsubscribe information so your emails get to people who want them
  • Segment your list by criteria to target your messages

Track and Report

Get real-time results

  • Open and click tracking lets you see who received and opened your emails, and what links they clicked
  • See graphs of your email campaign results, showing open rates, click-throughs, bounces, and more
  • Use advanced list management tools for more in-depth analysis

Reliable Delivery

Get more high inbox delivery—all the time

  • JSender's email inbox delivery adopts the latest industry standard
  • Our Anti-Spam Checker flags areas on your email that may be stopped by ISPs
  • Templates are format-tested in major email programs, so your emails will look perfect when they arrive in the inbox
  • Our in-house Compliance and ISP Relations teams provide additional levels of back-up before and after your email goes out
  • Rely on JSender's anti-spam, permission-based email practices, and positive reputation

Additional Enhancements

Make your email marketing even more powerful

  • Customize our templates with your own HTML email designs
  • Use our Custom Services team for a one-of-a-kind template design
  • Use our APIs to integrate with other business applications
  • Add Images and get up to 100 MB of image storage, file management tools (organize, and label images), and image resizing.

Learning Materials

Learn email marketing best practices with our handy resources

  • Join one of our free demo of Email Marketing
  • Sign up for our monthly Hints & Tips email newsletter
  • Get detailed step-by-step help with our quick email marketing tutorials

Apps & Integrations

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Our products integrate with popular tools for small businesses — like your Facebook, Gmail, Google Apps and more.

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